Certified/Lateral Police Officer Applications Open Now

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1st Year

$78,890 Salary
$1,183 Education Bonus
$3,660 OT & Shift Differential*
$11,143 Paid Insurance Premiums
$9467 City Retirement Contribution
Total = $104,344

Police Officer

$78,890 Annual Salary +
Total Compensation Package =

Detective Badge

5 Years

$103,363 Salary
$1,550 Education Premium
$4341 Assignment & On-Call Pay*
$11,606 City Paid Insurance Premiums
$12,404 City Retirement Contribution
Total = $133,264


$103,362 Annual Salary +
Total Compensation Package =

Master Police Officer Badge

10 Years

$110,714 Salary
$1,661 Education Premium
$6,864 Overtime & Assignment Pay*
$11,910 City Paid Insurance Premiums
$13,286 City Retirement Contribution
Total = $144,434

Master Officer

$110,714 Annual Salary +
Total Compensation Package =

Sergeant Badge

10 Years

$131,288 Salary
$1,969 Education Premium
$3,807 Overtime & Shift Differential*
$12,424 City Paid Insurance Premiums
$15,755 City Retirement Contribution
Total = $165,243


$131,288 Annual Salary +
Total Compensation Package =

Arvada PD Lieutenant Badge

12 Years

$148,000 Salary

$12,870 City Paid Insurance Premiums

$17,760 City Retirement Contribution

Total = $178,630


$148,000 Annual Salary +
Total Compensation Package =

Arvada PD Commander Badge

15 Years

$162,000 Salary

$13,299 City Paid Insurance Premiums

$19,440 City Retirement Contribution

Total = $194,739


$162,000 Annual Salary +
Total Compensation Package =

*Compensation reflects 2023 salary rates. Overtime, Assignment Pay, On-Call Pay, and Shift Differential amounts are approximate and may vary.


There’s a deep-rooted pride in becoming an officer. It’s a distinct accomplishment and crowning achievement. Our department knows that being a police officer requires a specific set of skills – skills that are learned, cultivated, and perfected over time. We take that training very seriously. We are Built Blue.

That’s why we’re looking for people who are a breed apart from the typical applicant. If you are that person – looking for a challenging and rewarding career, and want to serve in a nationally recognized city just outside of Denver – we want to hear from you.


We prepare you for success in your career with the Arvada Police Department by providing:
  • Academy Preparation Training
  • Physical Fitness Programs
  • Local Geography
  • Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) Training
  • Policy & Procedure Training
All while receiving a full salary with benefits!

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Why Arvada PD?
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Why Arvada PD?

The Arvada Police Department has been setting the standard of excellence since 1945. Named a CALEA Flagship agency, the Arvada PD prides itself on its dedication to accreditation, internal standards, and strong community relationships. Here’s how we do it:

Training and Equipment

Providing world-class training for rescues, driving, firearms, and more, along with cutting-edge mobile technology, state-of-the-art cars, and uncompromising safety gear.

Community Policing

Strong community relations make us who we are. We’re in touch with those we serve 24/7 in-person and online.


Our department has been CALEA certified since 1986 and every one of our officers has a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Right Size, Right Place

The Arvada PD is the right size with room to grow. Located minutes from Denver and the Rocky Mountains, it is an idyllic location.

The Basics

At the Arvada PD, we’re committed to respect for the law, our community, and one another. We are dedicated to service, professionalism, community engagement, public safety—and we will always strive for excellence. Check out the following requirements to see if you have what it takes to join our diverse and inclusive team and have a meaningful police career with extraordinary benefits.

Police Job Requirements

In order to apply for a police job, you must meet these qualifications:

Police Job Disqualifications

If you have any of the following, you are not eligible to work for the Arvada PD.

You are at Least 21 Years Old And...

You are a United States Citizen or possess proper I-9 documentation; also must be able to communicate effectively in written and spoken English.

Criminal History

If you have been convicted of any felony, domestic violence, or any other disqualifying misdemeanor as identified by Colorado POST.

You have a Bachelor's Degree or Higher

There are no exceptions to our 4-year degree rule. If you’re graduating soon, let us know!

Problematic Driving History

Applicants must have a current driver’s license. Additionally, we will not accept anyone who has any citation for reckless driving within the last 5 years, regardless of plea disposition.

You can Pass a Medical Evaluation and Background Check

This isn’t a physical fitness test and we aren’t just looking for criminal histories. We want to know that you are healthy, mature, self-disciplined, and ready to take on a challenging career.

Drug or Alcohol Use

We have a zero tolerance policy for those who have used pot within the last year, had a DUI(s) in the past five years, committed prescription fraud, and other like offenses.

You Meet the Requirements of Colorado POST

All sworn employees of the Arvada Police Department must obtain Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training Certification.

Offensive Behavior

We pride ourselves on having Officers who uphold the strong character of the City of Arvada. You will be disqualified if you’ve ever falsified a written report, committed perjury, or had prior conduct that could bring discredit upon the Department.

Police Jobs

Arvada Police Department Career Paths

Explore our diverse options and discover your next career path. Click on any police career path to learn more about the job. Want to see them all? Check out our police job descriptions page.


Animal Management

Help all members of our community, including those with paws!



Protect and Serve the City of Arvada, 24/7.


Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

Keep the community safe, all along the front range.


School Resource Officer

Help our youngest community members.


Police Detective

Dig deep to solve criminal investigation cases.

Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation

Solve crimes with science.

Community Response Impact Team

Community Impact Team (CRIT)

Provide proactive policing to high-crime communities

Field Training Officers

Field Training

Mentor the next generation of officers.

Special Investigations

Special Investigations

Combat VICE crimes with local, state, and federal police teams.

Code Compliance

Code Compliance

Ensure a safe community and a high quality living environment.

Traffic Cops on Motorcycles


Keep people (and streets) safe.

K9 Program


Join a highly effective human and canine team.

Police Lobby

Police Services Technician

Connect the public and police.



Maintain vital records and data.

Training Instructor

Training Instructor

Use your knowledge to teach Arvada's finest.


Mental Health Co-Responder

Be on the frontline of mental health care as a Police-Based Case Manager working directly with the Arvada PD.

Arvada PD Benefits

The City of Arvada has a Total Compensation Philosophy, which means, if you join our team as a police officer, you can expect:

Top Work Places

Core Compensation

Providing our employees and their families with quality benefits is one of our highest priorities.

Just for Cops

Sworn public safety employees get unique benefits in addition to core compensation.

Why Arvada?

A location unlike any other. Being just minutes from Denver and the Rocky Mountains makes Arvada an idyllic location.

Market-Driven Salaries

Reviewed regularly to make sure you’re paid competitively.

Personal Time Off

Earn 9+ hours of vacation every month, sick time, and 96 holiday hours every year.

Great Insurance

Enjoy health coverage plus dental and vision options.

Equipment and Uniforms Provided

You buy your firearm. We’ll take care of everything else.

Retirement Match and Extra Pay

We’ll match your retirement contribution at 12% of your salary and provide shift differential and on-call pay.

Four Day Work Week

How does a long weekend, every weekend sound? Enjoy 4/10 scheduling on an annual basis.

Perfect for New Home Buyers

Chosen as a Top 20 City for new home buyers, Arvada has it all — from historic homes to modern developments.

Voted Best Place to Live

The Denver Post ranked one of our neighborhoods the BEST in the whole metro area.

Small Town Feel, In the Big City

Located just northwest of Denver, Arvada retains its small-town feel even with its estimated population of 115,368.